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Located in the Jerusalem Valley in Lake County, California, the Villa Barone ranch has more than 10 acres of organic olive trees specifically chosen to produce world-class olive oil. In 2001, Villa Barone sought out a logo design plus a series of olive oil labels, each representing one the family’s grandparents.

The client supplied his relatives’ vintage Italy passports to use for artwork.

Our solution was to extend the old world feel of the passports in the label design. We created vignettes from each grandparent’s photo, scanning the beautiful calligraphic script and passport stamps each one contained, to give the labels an authentic, steeped-in-tradition feel. The finishing touch was shifting the color to a sepia tone and burnishing the label edges to give them a vintage look, which contrasted nicely to the clean edges and pop of red color of the new Villa Barone logo. The result exceeded the client’s expectations and The Villa Barone logo and olive oil labels are still in use today.



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